Entrepreneurs possess an array of remarkable characteristics that enable them to think creatively to solve problems and improve processes. When in a position to recruit, they have clearly achieved considerable business success and are experiencing so much growth, that they must expand their operation through a bigger team. Evidently, they are doing something right! However, when it comes to welcoming somebody into their business, their impressive skillset can in fact be a hinderance to their own success. Here are 3 reasons why…

1. Entrepreneurs are hopeless romantics. They see potential in everything and everyone. But the hard truth is, they usually don’t have the time to develop that potential within people. This is particularly true in new businesses, perhaps expanding their team for the first time. They need somebody that can evidence their added value immediately.

Having a second professional to oversee the interview process therefore takes the emotion out of the process. HR professionals are programmed to make decisions based on fact, not emotion. This is crucial when selecting the highest performing talent that will bring instantaneous results.

2. The entrepreneurial mind is creative, constantly thinking of changes to adapt, improve and grow. They therefore often struggle when it comes to producing a rigid job description which inherently limits the duties expected from employees. Entrepreneurs want their employees to do whatever is necessary, by all means possible to produce results – like they would, right? But what the entrepreneur must remember is that employees tend not to share this entrepreneurial mentality. Job candidates like structure and will want to know exactly what a typical day in the job looks like.

However, a HR professional tailors interview questions to focus on key duties and responsibilities to set expectations for the candidate and enable the interviewer to more accurately assess suitability to the requirements of the role. This ensures congruence between the requirements of the business and the expectations of the candidate.

3. An entrepreneur’s business is their baby. As mothers would not trust a stranger with their baby, it takes a lot for an entrepreneur to let a stranger into their business. They may therefore struggle to commit. The expected salary may be over budget or the candidate may have the perfect skills and experience but do not seem aligned to the company mission or it’s values.

Seeking professional help to create a meticulous job description with a thorough person specification, then rating candidates numerically against a strategically developed rating form, takes the doubt out of the decision. It provides numerical values to inform decision-making, increasing confidence in the final decision.

The entrepreneurial mindset is extraordinary and achieves astonishing accomplishments. However, there are certain characteristics that make it more challenging for the entrepreneur to recruit into their business, their baby. This is where teaming up with a HR professional can increase the success of the recruitment process, savings entrepreneurs time and money and selecting the perfect candidate to move the business forward.