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We are a HR consultancy company that supports UK based SME’s by enhancing and protecting their HR practices. This provides superior performing employee and customer experiences, which in turn boosts profit.

Our services save our customers time, money and stress whilst reducing risk.

Here’s what our clients say…


Megan came highly recommended by other people in my work line. I got in touch and she quickly booked me a meeting, and less than a week later I had everything I ask for, and even some extra, very useful info that she sent along with my documents! I’ve had such a nice, professional, clean experience, I’d definitely recommend getting in touch if you need anything HR related!!” 

Silvia Panico, Barkingham Palace


“As a small but quickly growing business, we have needed to take on new team members in the last 12 months. With little HR experience ourselves, I spoke with Megan at Your HR Handled, and she has provided us with an incredible service which I would highly recommend.Megan has now helped us with advice, offer letters, and contracts on three occasions to bring new team members into the business. On each occasion, the service has been prompt, reliable and professional. Megan is brilliant, and I have no hesitation in recommending Your HR Handled to all business owners. Megan, thank you from me and the team at Tails of Success Labrador Training.”

Vikki Sharpe, Tails of Success Labrador Training 


We are a small family business which has been going for 15 years and never really got a handle on our HR practices. Megan was recommended to us and we have not looked back. Her advice and support has been second to none. She is always there when we need advice. She is calm and reassuring when you feel you are in a crisisThank you Megan for all the hard work you have done for us so far and in the future.

Bill Betts, A-Z Animal Care Ltd


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